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Playing Online Gambling Types of Capsa Susun Wins Easily in This Way

Capsa Susun

Playing the capsa stacking bet is actually tricky and difficult. Because every game on the capsa stack has a way of playing that is almost the same as online poker games, but we don’t need to raise, bluff, or fold. In the online gambling game, the type of capsa susun, we only need to arrange the cards that have been given by the dealer on the table or room.

In the capsa susun game, we can choose and determine our choice to play as a dealer (dealer) or player (player). However, if you want to become a dealer, you need a bigger capital, which is at least 6x bigger than the bet on the table in the game.

If we play as a dealer, the cards we have will be pitted against the other 2 players who are opponents in your room or table. Meanwhile, if we play as an ordinary player, we don’t need a large capital like if we play as a dealer. To be able to play against other players’ cards, we must fight against other players.

So, if you want to try the capsa susun game, what you have to know first is how to play capsa susun properly. Here are ways to play Capsa Susun with the right strategy.


Before you want to win in the capsa susun game, first you have to be really careful in arranging the cards so that you don’t get a wrong arrangement. Don’t let you get a full house card combination instead you arrange a card with the wrong card combination.

Don’t Rush into Playing

Next is not to play in a hurry because it will make the card arrangement from being able to get a good card combination instead of being bad. Then you have to play patiently and don’t get provoked easily. It’s better for you to play with patience in order to get maximum results than playing in a hurry instead of getting results that are not optimal.

Play Quietly

The last point is to play calmly, by playing calmly while playing, that is the key to winning in the capsa susun game. Try to find the right playing time so that when you play you don’t feel disturbed. By playing calmly, you can play with focus because the key to winning in the capsa susun gambling game must have a high level of concentration.

Here are ways to play online gambling, the good and correct types of capsa stacking that we can give you. Hopefully the explanation we provide can make you get maximum results and make all of you who read this article earn millions of rupiah every day. Good luck!