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How to Win Easy to Play Ceme at a Trusted IDN Poker Agent

One of the most popular games because the game is very easy is ceme. Ceme is one of the most popular poker games that can also make a lot of money. The game is like qiu qiu but simpler. It is enough with 2 cards that are distributed to each player.

You can play ceme online at a trusted IDN Poker site. Lots of bettors who are scattered in Indonesia gather here to enjoy a very exciting ceme playing experience. The stakes are using real money, this will allow you to win a lot of money, even up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

The game is simple but exciting and tense, because of the two cards that are dealt, one card is open and the other is closed. You can open one closed card slowly so you can hope for a good hand. Once you get a good card, you’re sure to be delighted by the thrilling excitement.

How to Win Easy to Play Ceme at a Trusted IDN Poker Agent

Surely your main goal for playing ceme is to make a lot of money from betting using real money. So you are not just playing games but useful games. That’s right because you can play the theme on a trusted IDN Poker site. the only place to play the best ceme in Indonesia.

To get a lot of money from betting on the ceme game, you must win the game. Winning means that the capital you carry increases not decreases. In order to win you need to do a few things which we will provide below. practice all of this appropriately so that you can earn money up to millions of rupiah.

Here are the tips we will provide so you can win playing ceme online:

Know the Rules of the Game

You need to understand all the rules of the game that apply in the ceme game. Even in any game, you won’t be able to win it if you don’t know the rules of the game. There are two ways that you know the rules of the game. First, you can ask your friends who understand. Second, if none of your friends know, you can follow the tutorial.

Let’s briefly discuss how to play the correct theme on the IDN Poker site. So, ceme is a game that uses domino cards that are played by up to 8 people, at least 2 people, and 1 person acts as a dealer. 2 cards will be dealt to each player including the dealer, the card will be pitted between all players and the dealer.

The lowest card value is 0 (jebod) and the highest value is 9 (qiu). The players will win if the card value is higher than the card value owned by the dealer. On the other hand, the dealer will win if the card value is higher or the same as each player’s card.

The dealer is indeed superior with the same card value, but players can also benefit, that is, if they get qiu then the bets won will be doubled, provided the dealer is not qiu and the number of players who qiu is odd (1 player, 3 players, 5 players , and 7 players).

Complete Preparation

You need to prepare everything that supports the ceme game before playing it on a trusted IDN Poker site. This helps you to focus because nothing will bother you because everything is ready. Understanding the rules of the game, which have been explained above, is the main thing that must be prepared.

Then, what else should be prepared? First, you must have a gadget, at least a smartphone based on Android or iOS. Make sure the battery is in full condition so that it doesn’t run low when the game is having fun. An internet connection is complementary, you must use the best internet service that is stable and smooth.

Then what must be prepared again is your bet capital money. Later your bet money must be deposited into the balance in your account. The deposit is easy, just transfer it to the specified account. It’s more practical, you can transfer using mobile banking or internet banking. If not, you can still transfer via the nearest ATM.

Finally, in order for you to focus on your game, you must be in good health. So prepare your health both physically and mentally. Don’t let the things that stress you get over, finish before playing. enough rest, diligent exercise, and eating nutritious foods can make your physical health healthy.

Do not give up

Play online ceme on a trusted IDN Poker site casually, don’t be tense. Focus on the game you are playing, don’t remember losing previous games. Losing several times is very natural for all players. do not be discouraged, your efforts will not betray the results, one day you will definitely win.

Don’t put the word “give up” in your dictionary. You’re just out of luck. As you play through and through, you will know the flaws and know how to win. The point is that time can lead you to victory.

So Bandar Ceme

In online ceme games at trusted IDN Poker agents, you can freely choose to become a dealer or a regular player. Both have their respective advantages. But being a ceme dealer is the fastest way to make money. The advantage of the series value still wins the dealer is the key.

Even so, the capital spent if you want to become a ceme dealer is relatively larger than being an ordinary player. Because the dealer can fight as many as 7 players, so to anticipate the chance of losing. The following is the amount of capital needed to become a dealer according to class.

  • Smaller class IDR 280,000
  • Small Class IDR 560,000
  • Medium Class IDR 980,000
  • Big class IDR 1,400,000
  • VIP Class IDR 2,800,000
  • Super VIP Class IDR 7,000,000

Don’t hesitate to spend that much capital considering the results you can achieve are bigger and faster. You can just deposit it with that amount, or if you don’t have that much capital, you can play regular ceme first. After enough capital, then it becomes a ceme dealer.

Play only on Trusted IDN Poker sites

Don’t make the wrong choice of a trusted online ceme site, choose one that already has an official international PAGCOR license. Where if you have this license, it is certain that in all fields you will work professionally. There are many advantages that you can get just by playing on a trusted IDN Poker site.

Getting money up to hundreds of millions of rupiah is no longer a dream with online ceme games. Don’t hesitate, because many people have proven to be rich because of ceme. Imagine you who get that big money, hundreds of millions of rupiah, which is obtained easily. You must be very happy, good luck playing Ceme, I hope your dreams will come true!